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This page is great for team bios, packages, FAQ, examples of things. Any list that you want to make that displays title, text image.

This site is device responsive

This HTML5 site will resize to fit any browser, yes that includes smart phones and iPads. Give it a whirl, resize this site, watch what happens!

Flexible Contact Form

Our new contact form experience allows you to build out a custom form with new types of fields including a calendar, multiple choice, and required fields.

Enhanced Video

Our video function allows you to use an embed code our upload numerous video formats delivering a consistent experience across all browsers.

Tablet Touch Events

To say our HTML5 site are iPad friendly is an understatement. Open up a gallery page and start swiping with one finger. Just like you expected it to work!

Search Engine Optimized

This takes our search engine optimized websites a step farther with clean URL that can only be accomplished with HTML. Get your site ranking.